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  1. Our hospital only has one group of cardiologists. They suck. They don't care about the patients and are always fighting amongst themselves -- and the patients suffer.

    How could we, as nurses, go about getting a different group of cardiologists to be allowed to start practicing at our hospital? How do we encourage another group to consider our hospital?

    Our hospital has a good reputation, and our cardiovascular surgeons are wonderful and very skilled. I feel, however, that the cardiologists are really holding us back from being a truly great institution.
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  3. by   Agnus
    You need to write up misconduct by the physicians in question. If its a matter of personality then I'm sorry there is not much you can do.
    If you would invite another group this should be suggested to your marketing department. You can invite as nurses but before you do you need to be sure the hospital is willing to grant privileges to another group.
    However, you are not going to squeeze these guys out. Just because one group moves in, another doesn't move out. And another group may not desire or need privileges there.