How do I handle this situations

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  3. by   snowfreeze
    If you cannot tolerate the work environment and what seems as unreasonable to you hasn't changed in 2 years I would say find another job. If there are things about the position that you adore like benefits, close to home, coworkers besides the one you don't adore; maybe you can change some of the negative in a postive manner. Nursing is a stressful job and it is rare that any nurse is coddled by anyone at work. The nurse usually handles the coddling and leadership roles of the residents, the nurse aids, the ancillary staff.
    You don't say how long you have been a nurse nor what type of unit you are working on so I wonder if maybe a different aspect of nursing would be better for you.
    Nursing has so many opportunities to offer. I have explored a number of them and have resigned from a few jobs because they were not for me.
  4. by   curlydog
    thanks for the response. I have been a nurse for 6 years and love nursing. I do work with many difficult personalities that I have been able to deal with varly well and yes I do like others that I work with. I think the difficulty lies in the fact that the person that I do have the problems with holds a position of authority over me which makes me feel powerless. It really bothers me too that while my manager frequently agrees with me about her passive agressive manners, does not support me. I guess that I do understand that this is not going to change but If I can't deal with it effectively here, will this situation just keep occurring. I worked with a bully in my first nursing job. I tried to handle that by staying positive, friendly and helpful. After 2 years nothing changed. What is the right way to handle these situations in a proffesional manner that I can be proud of and that will get results?