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  1. I have a question for you nurses out there. I went to an orientation today and left feeling like I needed to have a psych. evaluation before I went to work there.
    This hospital has about 240 beds, not big or small. The gal from HR went into policies on sick, lateness and other HR issues. I left feeling like I was signing up for prison. It seems like more and more hospitals are so rigid in their policies. I didn't feel like I wanted to work there. I am human and I will be late once in awhile as well as sick.
    Do we not have enough stress in our work? The hospital I worked at in Huntsville started a policy of so many points for each late, call in etc. My husband didn't have this kind of rigidity in his work as an engineer, nor my daughter at her work (computer analyst) nor my son who works for the school board.
    I really wished there was a way to find out about the type of policies an institution has before committing to it for work.
    Is it just me? What do other people think?
    Thanks, Karen
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  3. by   trish sadler
    Karenhalse; Hi! I am working on my BSN, but currently work as an RN in a fairly good size hospital. I am to look at my sick time policy for my class and revise it. So if you have anything to add I would like to know details about the point system, etc. In my class I listened to other nurses talk about their HR dept. and boy you about give up your job if you call in sick or are late. I really don't have that at my hospital, unless you have a chronic problem of calling in sick. Our system is bad for the fact you have to build up so many hours of sick time before you can use it and I think that stinks, if it is my hours I can take a day off with the flu and get paid for it. If you are late here and there and call and let them know they really don't make a big deal about it, no point system, if you can call the shift sup may let you take one hour of comp. time. I quess I would look at the policies before I got started at a knew job, but hind sight is better than fore sight. Hope you enjoy your job so you won't have to worry about being sick!!!!
  4. by   KarenHalse
    Trish, we would be given 2 points for being late and 4 points for a day missed. So many points for a verbal, etc until you were dismissed. It didn't matter if you were in an accident or having surgery. As we all know, things can happen at any time. We are all human. I don't understand why they can't punish the people that are abusive of the system instead of taking it out on everyone. I have pretty much decided that I am not going back to that other job. It was a perdiem and I just don't want that stress add to nursing.
    These types of policies is just another dob of icing to the cake for me. I will be looking for a weekend job, I am going back to school to do most anything but nursing.