Hospital / Nursing Pins / Badges Wanted

  1. As a nurse interested in collecting metal / enamel Hospital / Nursing Badges or pins, I was wondering if your place of work produces any,if so could you help to obtain one for me. My collection stands currently at only 20, so PLEASE help me to get others. THANK YOU


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  3. by   SUBQ
    Say Dude:

    Asking for an employee hospital badge is very inapropriate. Any person with a little common sense knows that handing out an employee badge is not a smart thing to do.
    One thing being is that is a breech of most hospital policy, and a breech of security.

    I think that you are better off asking for the little trinkets that patients give their caregivers.

    And I doubt that you'll find many nurses willing to part w/ them. However, I really think that asking for a persons badge is not cool!
  4. by   Jenny P
    I'm going to give Ericc55 the benefit of the doubt and make the assumption that he is collecting pins of nursing; not hospital badges being used for ID security reasons. Eric55 is listed as being from Ireland; and maybe the language and terms are different there. Many different people collect pins and badges in areas that they are interested in; and there are nurses who do collect nursing school pins from the past. My brother-in-law is in the Park Service and has many work pins from all sorts of different law enforcement people around the world and even a Royal Canadian Mounties hat which he traded a special pin for. If that is what you're doing, Eric55, good luck.
  5. by   eric55
    Sorry if some have misunderstood me. Being from Ireland I collect Nursing /Hospital badges which you call pins. I do NOT understand when you say "these used for security ID". I'm NOT after any security badges with persons name on but those 'pins' which have hospitals name. Jenny P is correct with her assessment of type I'm after.
    If you have any Please let me know. Thank you

  6. by   Jenny P
    Eric55, I do have some trading pins from nursing specialty organizations that you may be interested in. I haven't seen any specific hospital pins per se, but there are nursing organizations that have pins which can be used for trading. How do we get them to you?
  7. by   NorthNurse
    Eric55, I think nursing pins will be difficult to collect since most nurses wear thier pins and they become a personal hierloom, I know all three of my pins, LPN, ADN, and BSN pins will be passed on to my daughter, your best bet might be estate jewelry sales, you might be better off collecting Disney pins which I have noticed are quite popular, especially in the north, because Disneyworld is so far from us. NN
  8. by   Jenny P
    I received an email from Eric55 and he is interested in the nursing pins that are for trading, not the school pins that you mentioned, North Nurse. These pins are like the Disney pins but are based on nursing themes and logos-- From what he explained, the hospitals in Ireland have these trading pins, and there are quite a few different nursing organizations here in the US that have them and sell them for fund raising purposes. I hope that we have cleared the cultural misunderstandings ;-) now!

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  9. by   NorthNurse
    Who'd a figured they had something like that going on over in Ireland, that's just great! I'll have to keep a look out for them here. Thanks for the cultural education Jenny P.