Hospital Buy Out

  1. Was wondering if anyone ever experienced this and what it might mean for me.

    I just found out the hospital I work for (Catholic hospital) is being bought out. The sisters who run the hospital want to back out and sell the two hospitals they run, to another private organization. Everyone is getting freaked out. I keep thinking though, the only people who should really be freaking out is probably upper management. Should the staff nurses should be worried about this?

    I started working for this hospital about 5 months ago as a new grad in the ER. My only concern is that if they decide to do a clean sweep I would be higher risk at loosing my job because I am so new. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   snowfreeze
    With most buyouts the staff nurses are rehired by the purchasing facility, the place cannot run without staff. The middle management will be relocated in the facility if they choose. New management will be put in place. One facility in my city is still a catholic hospital but the sisters allowed outside management to fix their money management problems. That hospital is still strong and is still a level I trauma facility, one of 4 in one city. Another one that was too head strong is now out of business, they had wonderful employees and world class physicians and groups. We had a flight team that was one of only 3 in the US that would transport patients on cardiac bypass and ventricular assist devices, we saved a lot of lives (they failed to charge for the ground transport of that team for 12 years as the person in billing didn't know how). We had an eye surgery team that was know world wide for cataract surgeries. That team left because of restrictions placed by the sisters. We did sex change operations for a while after the sisters aquired another facility but then they decided that the money up front (millions) wasn't appropriate (that facility had a 40% profit the year before they bought it). Sisters don't manage a business, they only seem to know their religion. With the changes in health care, you cannot just manage with just the patients that agree with your beliefs. A sell out is better than to die.