Horrible Interview

  1. Had an interview today and I am beyond embarrassed at how it went. I was told of a clinical situation and asked what I would do. Pt was given chemo started to itch and have SOB. I said I would inform MD give O2 and anticipate an order for Narcan :uhoh21: The manager asked me what Narcan is for and I was trying to say opioid reversal agent but couldn't even get that out of my mouth, although I did realize that I was wrong for saying Narcan in the first place. The manager ended up telling me that it was an opioid reversal agent before I could say it myself...

    I corrected myself saying antihistamine after but was already flustered. She asked me what else I would do and I couldn't even think after what happened. She wanted to me to say call a rapid response.. Duh !!

    I have been working as an RN for 1 year but by the way things went you wouldn't believe it. I know I have no chance of getting the job now. This was my first choice though and I am so bummed and completely embarrassed that this happened. I feel like I have no one I can talk to. I guess I just needed a vent.
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  3. by   classicdame
    I read somewhere that a job interview is like having strangers look at you naked. Of course you were stressed. I hope the next interview is less traumatic!
  4. by   Orca
    One thing that often helps is to pause briefly and ponder the question before you respond. This is a technique that President Clinton used in debates, and I have found that it works well for me in an interview situation. Pause, think, then give your answer. It may also help to calm your nerves to briefly stop and give yourself time to gather your thoughts. Sometimes people are so anxious answer a question that the wrong things come out. Some people also believe that it makes them appear more intelligent if they respond immediately. If you give the wrong answer, that definitely isn't true.

    It happens to all of us. I once had an interview for a job that was probably mine on a plate had I given my normal interview performance (the employer flew me in from 2,000 miles away to interview). However, I made a rookie mistake on one of the questions, and that pretty much blew the whole interview. I knew as soon as I answered that it was the wrong thing to have said, but once it's out of your mouth there is no retracting it.

    Just learn from it and go on.
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  5. by   embarrassedRN
    Thanks to both of you for the comforting comments . I will definitely not make that mistake again! I hate interviewing but I will try my best to pause, and most of all think! I moved 5 hours away from home to get a new grad position where I am working now, and have been homesick the whole time. Now that I have my year experience I am trying to get back home. Good thing is, next time I have an interview I dont think it could get any worse :spin: