Holiday Schedules

  1. I am wondering how other hospitals handle scheduling for the major holidays. Are requests allowed to be submitted for the holidays...does seniority come in to play at all? Thanks
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  3. by   suzannasue
    I have worked at several hospitals and the majority of them have utilized the system of honoring the time off requests. This is all well and good unless the same people ask for the same time off every year and are granted their requests every year
    However,I believe the system that is more fair than the others guarantees that if you work a holiday this year you are to be off that day next year. We utilize the every other holiday method for everyone.
    I remember when I graduated from "The Program",new grads had to work every holiday the first year and you couldn't have a vacation for a whole year !!!!!!!!!!!
    I am not about to mention fairness because I was told by a DON that a "fair" situation was where you saw farm animals,homemade jellies and a roller coaster !!!!!!!!
    Hope this has helped,if not,perhaps it merely entertained your eyes a bit!!!!!!