HIPPA question

  1. Anyone know if there is a legal form to waive some of the HIPPA stuff?
    I was talking w/a friend who is a nurse and if I was in a hospital I would want her to be watching over me. ie aware of lab results, test results, meds I was getting etc. Now with HIPPA would she be able to have that info?
    Is there a form I can sign ahead of time to direct the medical profession to share my info w/her? (NOT POA-truth be known, I have more than one friend who I would trust with my info).
    If there is not a form...anyone up on how to get a form in the legal works so this becomes accepted by everyone?
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  3. by   deespoohbear
    Not sure about a specific form but I do know that it is possible for someone you have given the okay to be informed of your condition and anything else related to your care. Try PM'ng NRSKarenRN. She is really up on this is HIPAA stuff....she is one of the moderators too...good luck...
  4. by   SandyB
    Thanks. :-)