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  1. OK... As most of you know I am a home health nurse..love what I do and yadda yadda yadda...
    Well..I thought i may give LTC another chance...when I went into my interview..I specifically told the administrator that the families I an caring for now take priority..She says"ok..fine"..
    So I go to orientation...The ballgame has now done a 360 degree turn-around....I told them what days I would not be available...THEY darn near had a fit!!! "you HAVE to work these days",they said
    My reply.."I can give my 2wks notice right now...this families come first"...."oh no no no... we will work with you"...Then in the next breath... they want me to go to work w/ my case...run there and put another 8 hrs in..THERE IS NO WAY IN HADES!!! THEY were talking about me working 18 hr days...And this is supposed to be part-time...
    I have already decided that I will not be taking the LTC offer...I am exploring other avenues of HH @every other wkend w/ another company...
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