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    I just finished my last clinical rotation and am going into transitions during which I'll be taking my HESI exam prior to taking the NCLEX. I've looked at previous posts and it seems to me that there are various types of HESI books/study guides available and different variations of the HESI exam. Can anyone tell me if I need to know which version of the HESI test I"ll be taking in order to buy the proper HESI book to study by or is there only one version of book? Also can anyone give me the exact title of the HESI book they used to study with?
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  3. by   christieb01
    Evolve Reach Testing and Remediation Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination (Evolve Reach Testing & Remediation Comprehensive Review)
    I found it at Barnes and Noble but I know it is on Amazon.com also. I think I paid about $60-65.
    Good Luck! I take my HESI exit in about 6 weeks.
  4. by   healingratchet
    Thank you for your reply. When i see NCLEX in the title I can't help but think its designed specifically for the NCLEX test. I keep thinking I'm going to find a book with the word HESI in the title, but maybe not. How did you come to decide on this book? Thanks and good luck!!
  5. by   pink23
    I am looking for Hesi nursing entrance exam. does anyone have website.
  6. by   christieb01
    I was told about the book from students who were taking the HESI. The book does help with HESI. I'm not sure if it is a really good book to study for NCLEX- I'm using Saunders for that. It has helped me figure out the rationales for HESI questions.
  7. by   healingratchet
    Thank you!! I just started using it this week and I'm happy with it. The questions are pretty hard which is good (i'm getting a lot wrong!!). and I"m happy to see the format and their rationale. Andy