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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum and I was hoping if someone could be of an assistance. In my nursing school we have to take the HESI for our midterm and final every quarter (6 total a year, ouch!). This is my second year and I just barely passed my first year because of the HESI. Nursing, Pharm, and Pathophysiology were all seperate classes last year and I manage to pull off 'A's' in all those classes last year, except for a 'B' spring term of my 1st year Nursing class. That spring term they had me retake my final because I did so poorly on my first two HESI's from that term. Now, I am still having trouble with HESI and I believe that if I do not meet their expectations for my next HESI exam in my 2nd year Fall term final they will give me the boot.

    I have 3 nclex books (including the HESI study guide) plus 3 more computer software (such as the nclex 3500 and one for my PDA phone) that I use to perpare me for these exams. I really don't know why I do so poorly on the HESI when I burn through the Saunders and nclex 3500 study questions so easily. I have a previous BS degree in Human Physiology and Biology so I have many experiences in tests and exams.

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the articles HESI provides for you on the Evolve website, or knows how to get access to their bank of reading materials. I have read the ones I missed so far (they only provide the reading article for the ones you missed) but I would like some of the readings about subjects that will be covered on my next HESI exam. From the readings I could clearly notice that all their questios are taken from these specific articles that HESI takes from differnt nursing books. Maybe if it is not too much trouble someone can provide me with their email address so I can contact him/her about these articles.

    Thanx everyone!
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