Helping the ACE+ nurses i.e. English is second languagge

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    i am doing self reflection research on my facilitation skills as a community nurse for my research assignment for my ma in adult ed. my reflection is on how i facilitated neophytes from countries who do not use english as a first language. i feel that i may be a tad eurocentric and wish to improve my skills and endevour to gain their confidence in me as a facilitator for learning about community nursing.the term ace+ is used here for neophytes who do not use english as a first language as opposed to (nesb) non english speaking background which is felt to be demeaning to these students who have two or more languages.

    brown’s (1996) study for example is a descriptive and challenging study because it touches on cultural values, language difficulties and educators’ ethical dilemmas. which focuses on a minority group of students studying at undergraduate level in a office here in australia

    one interesting aspect of this study is the author’s stance on the term nesb meaning non english speaking backgrounds which is perceived to be negative terminology. the preferred terminology is now additionally cultured english plus (ace+). the author suggests that these students have additional cultural influences and the focus should not be placed on language in isolation. english is included in this acronym because additionally cultured university students can communicate in various degrees of accuracy, and the plus at the end indicates the students' ability to speak another language in addition to english. this attitudinal stance puts these students in a different and more positive light.

    what i need is some ideas and advise on how best i can improve my practice to ensure learning and also to help me understand and ambrace their culture. most of the neophytes come from china.i realise that their cultural stance on education and learning is different from the typical western education ideology and this proves difficult. i need to find a happy medium which demonstrates a respect to their culture. can anybody lend some ideas?
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