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  1. Hi Everyone!!!

    I posted this question in the New Student Discussion. Thought it would be a good idea to post in the General Nursing Discussion. I was wondering if anyone has any really good websites (besides the best one - AllNurses) that has helped them thru Nursing School. I've been bookmarking some that I've come across but I don't want to go overboard with one's that aren't that good. If anyone can help that would be great!!!!

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  3. by   boggle
    You mean there ARE other websites???
  4. by   spineCNOR
    Good idea, AmyHall!

    The website/search engine that has been most helpful to me during school - both graduate and undergraduate- is CINAHL- which can be accessed through school library websites, and probably some workplace computers.

    Nursing Center-
    has access to some good journal articles, but most articles require a fee.

    Nursing Spectrum's web site has some very good career advice articles:

    My favorite seach engine is Google, and I have been able to find information for school papers through the site--


    I'm sure there are plenty of other helpful sites out there for nurses and nursing students--what are your favorites Amy?

    And to all the students out there-- I hope you all have a good school year!

    OOPS - almost forgot to say-OF COURSE AllNurses is the best site of them all!
  5. by   AmyHall
    SpineCNOR - Thanks so much for your response. I want to collect as much info as I can since I have a long road ahead of me and need all the study tools I can get.