Help with school assignment, please

  1. I have the following assignment for my FNP school curriculum. Any help or suggestions or ideas to get started would be greatly appreciated!


    You have just joined a private practice in your county. The practice is about 20 years old and was established by two family doctors that completed their residency together in 1978. The practice includes three family doctors, a PA and a FNP with 10 years experience each. The practice is growing with the community. They decided to add another mid-level practitioner to help meet the demands. There is one RN, three LPNs and a medical assistant in the practice. The office manager has been with the practice since it opened. She is the wife of one of the senior partners. There are an insurance clerk, two medical record clerks, and two front desk clerks. They also provide medical services for the local shirt factory and poultry plant. You have been presented with the challenge of helping them plan and organize the preventive services for the entire practice. This task includes planning for any equipment or contracted ancillary services that might be needed. It is your baby now, how would you deliver? Plan the program to include all aspects of prevention that apply to the practice. Some questions to consider (p.s. this is to promote the process, these are not "what is the answer questions)

    a) What are the implications of this challenge?

    b) How would you start this project?

    c) Who would you include in the project planning?

    d) How would you decide what services were needed?

    e) What would you suggest as an approach?

    f) How would you implement and evaluate the program once designed?

    Remember, there are 20 years of medical records. The practice uses a SOAP formatted problem oriented medical record. There is a problem list on the chart...but it is used to varying degrees of compulsiveness...usually related to time pressures. You are aware of the pressure from several insurance plans to provide prevention services. This is becoming more of an issue as the prepaid patient panels are starting to increase.

    You can use any resource you need to answer this question. Place yourself in this position (and you well might be there some day). The concept starts out fairly overwhelming. Start with an analysis of the situation first. This promises to be complex.
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