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    For many years I have claimed and saved all my receipts of items purchases for work like uniforms, supplies eg stethoscope, pen lights ect. Are there any items that are not allowed to claim? I have purchased several nursing books like Med books, nursing journals ?? One year I was told I could claim expenses from a nursing conference....because it was out of pocket and it pertained to your profession....Is this true???? Thanks for any input.....
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  3. by   rjflyn
    This is a question best left up to each one indivdual tax professional.

    My self have claimed uniforms and their care ie washing- dry cleaning; CE that I had to pay for, along with related costs; meals that I had to purchase due to being on the road beacuse of work. Also there were years I couldnt claim some item as the amount has to exceed a certain percentage ones wages.

    Dont take the above as advice however. ]