Help with nursing prereq. A few questions about your experiences as a nurse. Thanks!

  1. about me:
    I am finishing up my prereqs and beginning the accelerated BSN program at Lakeview College of Nursing this fall.
    For my medical terminology class I need to write an interview report after asking two individuals within the nursing profession a few questions. If anyone has a few minutes, please answer these questions for me. Thanks in advance!!!


    -Where did you get your nursing degree?
    -What is your highest level of schooling?
    -How long have you been working as a nurse?
    -How difficult was it to find your initial job as a nurse?
    -What would you say, in retrospect, was the thing you were the least prepared for coming out of your nursing program?
    -How difficult (if you are experienced with this) is it to transfer to a different department?
    -I am interested in eventually pursuing an advanced degree in as either a nurse practitioner or a nurse anesthetist, which would you recommend and why or why not? -If you had one piece of original advice for someone about to begin the process of becoming a nurse, what would it be?
    If you have anymore advice, please feel free to share! Thank you!!!
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