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Hello all I will graduate April 27, 2002 and I have no idea where I want to work. I just recently did a 1 day rotation in NICU which I loved I wouldn't mind working their and the hospital here in my... Read More

  1. by   kmchugh
    Go to the NICU. I had some of the same issues as a new grad, because I wanted to work in the SICU at a level one trauma center. The manager of the unit summed it up nicely: "If you want to go to a specialty unit right out of school, then go there immediately. The time management skills, the assessment skills, and the knowledge needed in specialty units now days is completely different from those needed on med surg floors. Why learn all these things twice?"

    So, I went to the SICU, and loved it. I do anesthesia now, but it was the SICU that motivated me to learn more.