Help, How long for background check?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently was offered and accepted a case management position at an ALF. They started processing my paperwork last week, 1/21/10. I was given a tentativ start date of today. Well, I called last Friday and HR has not received some paperwork, not missing from me, not sure what is missing. My future supervisor is going on vacation tomorrow and said she won't be back until 2/1, so most likely I'll start next week. How long does it take for CORI's etc. to make it's way back to HR. I have practiced/lived in 2 states in the past 5 years so they have to receive paperwork from 2 states. Thank you in advance for any feedback!
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  3. by   FowLaf24/7
    It is my understanding the report can be received within a day... It pretty much works like a credit check... One's numbers are put in the computer and the information which exists is received. In the case of the background check, an individual at the service provider has to officially send the results. Depending how busy the service provider is, or how many coffee breaks, it might take some time before the result are sent. But, it should only take a day...
  4. by   RunningRNBSN
    And it depends how in-depth the background check is. I had a background check for admission into my master's graduate program and I had to list every employer for the last 10 years and they stated they would randomly verify my employment. Sure enough, one of my past employers called me 4 or 5 days after I submitted my application and said a company had called about me. So I think it depends on the depth of the background check and which company they use.
  5. by   classicdame
    background checks are done electronically and generally 1-2 days till the right person can lay eyes on it.
  6. by   Tampa121
    Thank you to all who answered. I em my ?future supervisor yesterday. She replied with she has been checking daily with HR, to find out when she can start me. She gave me the phone number of the ADON to call while she is away. DON will be back 2/1/10. I had to list the past 10 yrs on application for employment. The homecare comp. I worked for from 1995-99 has closed, but I didn't write that on my application. I have only not gotten 1 job that I have applied for in the past. I'm just hoping it's because of looking at my CORI in 2 states is the hang-up and nothing else. I just hate waiting as I have no income right now, I gave my homecare cases to another nurse, because I thought I was starting yesterday. Patience, is what I pray for now. I do have stuff to do to keep me busy, renew my MA license, study for ACLS recert. Thank you all again.