Help, Help....all my nurse friends

  1. [FONT=&#26032]I have been looking for a nursing job for a while.[FONT=&#26032]
    [FONT=&#26032]However, I have not found someone who is willing hire me.
    [FONT=&#26032]Is nursing market changing?
    [FONT=&#26032]I had great experience in my country, such as working in ER, ICU and oncology.
    [FONT=&#26032]Some agencies told me that I need some experience in the USA.
    [FONT=&#26032]I have not worked as a nurse for more than 2 years. Now, I'm available to work anytime.
    [FONT=&#26032]Do you have any idea or position for me?
    [FONT=&#26032]I have great recommendation from my previous employee.
    [FONT=&#26032][FONT=&#26032]Thanks a lot! My nurse friends.
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  3. by   classicdame
    I don't know what type of nursing you have done, but you might try other areas besides hospital nursing to get that experience in this country. For instance, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospice agencies - there are many ways to practice nursing.