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  1. How do I use IE?
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  3. by   flowerchild
    Please clarify.
  4. by   flowerchild
    I think I know what you mean by IE. I read your post on another thread. Hope this is what you want.
    IE is a specific type internet browser (Microsoft). Not everyone uses IE to browse the internet. You may be using Netscape, AOL's, or perhaps a different browser. Most browsers have a favorites where you can add a link to any site onto your browser under the favorites tab. You might need to set the settings on your browser. Look under the tools tab and find options or internet options. You can usually go to an advanced options area and set very specific settings including accepting cookies.
    To get cookies on this web site you need to go to the user cp (cp=control panel) and set your preferences. Click yes for cookies and what ever else you decide then click submit modifications at the bottom.
    Good Luck and happy surfing!
  5. by   LLH

    I have cookies marked yes. How do I get to the things that I previously marked to go to cookies. How do I use cookies?