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  1. Hi

    I have joined this forum to see if anyone can help me with a few questions I have about nursing in the US.

    I believe that there are various stages to nurse qualification in the us, i.e. LPN, RN, etc etc.

    I would like to work in the US particularly in nursing but I believe that LPN are 'licensed'? I have looked around various sites to see if I could possibly study there but I am rather older than the average student and am not sure whether I would be accepted.

    There seems to be millions of colleges, univesities and it is a mind boggling!

    Does anyone have any useful information as I am very confused with all the data available on the internet, can a foreign student actually work whilst studying? If I came on a work visa would I be able to study in order to get a licence, I realise that my spelling of various words are different to the american spelling so hope you will bear with me on that one.

    I am not a qualified nurse but have 8/9 years as an Auxilliary Nurse, that is similar to the LPN but does not need a licence to work/practice.

    Any advice gratefully accepted.

    Thanks :wink2:
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