Health problems and school/work..... Please help...

  1. Hi everyone, I am new here so I guess this is where I should post this.

    Well I am in school finishing up the last of my pre-req's, and will then enter the nursing program.

    Well here is my problem I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which cause me to have bad stomach pains and diarrhea (sorry to be so gross), I also have frequent migraine hedaches.

    I am worried that once I get into the nursing program that these problems may get in the way (such as getting sick during a clinical or something of that nature). I know that stress (which nursing students shure have enough of) triggers the IBS and migraines. I don't want to not be able to eat out of fear of getting sick durring those long clinicals since the IBS can be triggered by just about anything (some times I eat something and it wont effect me other times I eat the same thing and get sick).

    I was wondering if anyone else has had any problems like this while they were in school and or working as a RN? and what did you do?
    I would also like to know is there a way to let the school know about these problems? I don't wan't to not get accepted to a nursing program because of them, and once I became an RN I certainly wouldn't want to not get a job because of them.

    I take meds for the migraine's, but not for the IBS (I have in the past but they didn't seem to help)
    Any information would be so greatly appricieated!!!
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