Have you taken the NET EXAM??

  1. How did you do and how did you study for it? Any advice? I might be take it in a few months.Thanks!
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  3. by   HairCanada
    I scored very well on the NET. 98% percentile. There is no real way to "study"..for the NET specifically, since it is not the kind of regurgitation knowledge based exam you are probably used to. However,there are some things you can do to improve your score.

    The NET is broken into 2 sections: Math & Reading ,........there is also a psychological section, that is used to profile you, but not part of the overall score.

    Your final score is a composite between the Math, and the Reading. The Psychological profiling stuff, is an evaluation tool for you to use, and is not factored into the composite, which is used for entrance into nursing programs.


    So... fastest way to improve your NET score is to improve your math skills. Math is a cut and dry subject that is very easy to asses progress, you can either add 2+2, or you can't, there is no kinda. If you get a C, on a test...then study, practise ..and then get an A on the test, you have made obvious progress. Math is about learning the formula, and repitition, over and over. But this is an advantage because anyone with enough repitition can learn essential Math skills! So I would concentrate on improving your math, at your college I would strongly recommend taking Math courses up to and including Algebra. [not to mention Nursing is full of Math, so better get used to it]

    The NET will have Fractions, decimals, algebra [polynomials], long division, multiplication, and rounding.


    Next is the reading comprehension. it takes alot longer to improve your reading comprehension skills, because it is a complex skill set which requires time to develop.Unfortunately our generation does not read, in fact, most of our textbooks come with CD-ROMs!!!

    You have to read, and read alot, and read with a dictionary! You must constantly check words within the text for the full extended meaning. I like to call it the misunderstood word phenomenom. Often we read texts, and we think we may fully understand a word, because we have used it before, but in reality we may not have a full understanding of its use. Therefore, we end up not looking up the word and assuming how it is used in the context. You are now hopelessly lost, and you will continue to compound this problem.

    For me the NET revealed that I am a very slow reader, 200 words per minute. There were classmates of mine who scored 400 or more, and were very impressed with themselves, but, thier comprehension scores were not so impressive, as mine was 95%. So faster is not always better, it is the old quantity verses quality concept.

    I would advise taking english at your college, and maybe even 2 or 3 more english courses, and do not be afraid to engage your instructors fully, thats what you are paying them for! Get tudors, and read , read, read. Read your texts, read to your kid, read some comics, whatever you like.

    On the NET itself, you will not find anything medically related on the reading part. You will have to read passages, like a bit of a story. Then you wil be asked things like, who were the main characters, what was the point of the story, if the story would have continued , what would have been the ending,...and things like that.

    I know this was long but I hope it helps. I would not take the NET until you are absolutly ready. Why waste the money if you are gonna do poorly, and have that bad score on your record. I have found that on the NET , there are 2 types of scores, really bad ones and really good ones, not alot of middle ground. But that is just my experience.

    Good Luck!, Come on Nurses, any more input ????
  4. by   L&DRN08
    I took the NET last Fall and did very well....better than I expected. I only studied for the math portion....if you do a search online you can find practice questions, thats what I did. I am terrible at math and was sick to my stomach over it! But the test questions were actually pretty basic and I had no problem with them. THe reading part wasn't hard either. My most challenging part of the test was having to write the essay due to the time limit. I love to write so I tend to get too into it! My opinion is that they aren'[t really so concerned with the content of the essay but moreso with seeing that you are able to put it together....intro, body & conclusion.
    Definitely review some material, get yourself comfortable with being able to do dome basic/intermediate algebra but try not to make yourself crazy like I did! It definitely wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.
    I did great in Level 1 nursing, 1 A's & a B+!!!! I just started Level 2!!!!!! The workload is insane! This Nusring thing isn't easy for sure......but will be so worth it in the end!