Has anyone in L&D seen this or heard of this?

  1. http://www.nrlc.org/Federal/Born_Ali...nts/index.html

    This sounds so horrible!
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  3. by   fusster
    Though they try to make this issue sound simple, it really isn't. What if the baby is born prematurely (say 24 weeks or so) and is left to die. Could the doctor then be prosecuted? Or if the baby has some condition that will result in death unless they get a great deal of medical treatment. Is this law saying that the doctors caring (or not caring) for these babies could then be prosecuted? I am completely opposed to partial birth abortion and leaving healthy viable infants to die, but I am not sure of what the full ramifications of this law may be and how it may be interpreted by others. I hope there are safeguards protecting doctors and nurses who care for these exceptions.
  4. by   nursejohio
    That's what I was just thinking. We get lots of really sick moms, who sometimes have to be delivered at or before viability. NICU consults the ones on the borderline and the parents can make the decision based on the risks/benefits of trying to save a 24 weeker. If the parents decide that the micro-preemie problems are significant enough they don't want to put their child through the ordeal, are the providers going to be liable?
  5. by   vamedic4
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