Has anyone had experience with MDS coordination?

  1. I'm thinking of applying for a postion as an MDS coordinator in a LTC facility. I'm getting burnt out at my current job with all the lifting etc (Rehab) and am considering something with no weekends or holidays. Any advice or pros and cons to offer? Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   nurseratchett29
    It's great if you like paperwork, meetings, that type of thing. When I worked LTC we (floor nurses)did our own MDS's. It makes sense that the nurses that take care of a patient would know the most about that patient. Unfortunately, MDS's are a lot of work and sometimes it takes some chart research to be able to do them properly. It can be tedious and you might miss the patient contact. But the lack of w/e and holidays is a plus. I currently work in a primary care practice for the same reason. I worked floor and clinic nursing for 5 years and decided that my personal life was more important to me than my career. I did private duty pediatric home care for a while and loved it but there are no bennies for the most part with homecare. Primary care has been an ajustment, but I like it so far.