harrassment issues

  1. working in a 24 bedded acute womens health unit where staff stress levels are highly elevated due to high ward activity and fluctulating staffing levels , i have been accused of bullying a nursing aide this member of staff has had health problems herself this year but really has not confided in me as her deputy ward sr . we have a new ward manager in post since june who has introduced a lot of changes in the ward enviroment since day 1 and im still trying to clarify my working relationship to her , she it was that broke the news to me about this allegation and due to a combination of things due to my menopuasal symptoms i was distraught and have been on sick leave due to work related stress since then , . so i feel as though im am stuck high and dry in this situation . im having a meeting tommorow with the ward manager union rep and personnel staff in order to clarify the allegation
    but feel devastated after4 31 years in nursing . any good ideas felow colleagues would be welcomed theresa
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