Happy With Management?

  1. I was wondering how other nurses felt about their current management. We all either love, hate, or tolerate them...some of all 3 at times I know!
    Let's see what the #1 will be

    • Love my mgmn't, always backs me up, job could BE BETTER, but the current mngmn't keeps me there!

      12.50% 2
    • Mgmgnt's good, doesn't show favortism. Does a great job.

      0% 0
    • It's okay, don't see them much though, wish they were more staff friendly; out in the trenches with us.

      6.25% 1
    • They are always adding on more work for us to do, always finding fault with me and my job performance. All negative, No positive!!

      12.50% 2
    • Love my job, but the current mgmn't is making me look elsewhere.

      18.75% 3
    • Mgmn't doesn't affect me at all.

      0% 0
    • They show favortism to one shift versus the other (one can do no WRONG, the other Does EVERYTHING WRONG!

      0% 0
    • Mgmn't bsically sucks, always stabbing you in the back, doesn't back you up, twist the rules to suit their own needs.

      25.00% 4
    • Mgmn't isn't bad, but they expect too much from the already overworked staff

      12.50% 2
    • He/She is on a permanent power trip!!!

      12.50% 2
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  4. by   Care Assistant
    My manager is like Jackall and Hyde and It is horrible at times.