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Hello, I am a CVSU RN in a small hospital with about 11 beds in our unit. We have two heart surgeons who pretty much do it all, including the pulmonary, GI, and renal stuff. Very rarely do they... Read More

  1. by   rjflyn
    I wanted to all something to this thread as well. SHe noted that he has a EF of 15%. The importance of doing something sooner rather than later is the therory of stunned myocardium, that some of the heart muscle is not dead just not functioning as it should due to lack of blood flow. I've acctually seen pts with EF this low recover a significant portion of LV function after having blockages open- abeit this is risky but so is being 50 with a occluded LAD. The other thing to also remember is that a siginificant portion of the population is RCA dominate and that tx the right blockages may improve things as well.