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This is my first time here. so let me introduce myself. My name is Janet, I'm married with two kiddos (12 & 6). In August I will be taking A&PII, micro and college algebra, (which are the last of my... Read More

  1. by   atownsendrn
    Welcome. Glad you could join us in our madness!!!

    About the essay - think of all of the wonderful experience that you have had as a stay at home mom that is relevant to nursing.
    You must be an expert in time management. You know your child development and have helped a child grow and nutured them. You're speciality is handling conflict among different people. You know about life's stresses and probably handle stress in appropriate ways. You are aware of the importance of proper nutrition and the role it plays in development of our bodies. So when writting your essay focus on your strengths. And no - I've never heard of anyone not getting in based on their essay. But I do know people who didn't have the highest GPA but their essay pushed them over the top. So - good luck. Let us know what happens!!!!!
  2. by   jnette
    Welcome jliebman and noney !!!

    Can't add much to the best wishes already offered above, but glad to have you, and pretty soon this place will just feel sooooo like

    Looking forward to hearing more from you !
  3. by   jliebman
    Wow, this place is great. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. What a wonderful support system. Thank you, everyone!
  4. by   daughterjudy213
    Hey there jliebman,
    Welcome to !!!!
  5. by   ainz
    Welcome!!!! I had to write an essay for graduate school, not sure how much weight they carry, probably not as much as your GPA!!
    Good luck with it!!