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    Must be able to work long hours with frequent mandatory overtime and regularly missed coffee breaks. Few holidays or weekends off. Must be able to keep massive amounts of paperwork up to date while making split second life and death decisions. Must be unaffected by frequent verbal abuse and able to neutralize occasional physical assaults. Must display patience, kindness and understanding at all times. The ability to effectively communicate with people who are illiterate, uneducated insane hysterical or enraged is required. Must show no aversion to blood, vomit, oozing infections or human body waste. Job involves daily exposure to infectious bacteria and viruses as well as radiation and carcinogenic medications. Frequent staffing shortages necessitates your ability prioritize and efficiently carry out the work of 2 or 3 people. Applicants must possess a keen interest in coping with grief, uncertainty, depression and loss on a daily basis. As a part of the multidisciplinary team you will be expected to collaborate with clerical and janitorial staff, physicians, respiratory technicians, social workers, chaplains, security guards, physical and occupational therapists, laboratory and x-ray technicians, maintenance personnel and dietitians. You are required to have an understanding of all the roles and responsibilities of these team members as you will be requires to carry out many of their duties in addition to your own. Salary is in no way commensurate with knowledge, ability or experience. Due to the frequency with which employees develop physical injury and emotional breakdown, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits package. Only serious applicants need apply.
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  3. by   lsmo
    LOVE IT! Nice slant on recruitment and retention ya know? I will email this to our staff council president ( a staff nurse ) who is working hard to get us a decent contract at this very moment. I will encourage her to read this to the administration's representatives. The ad speaks volumes.

    L.Smo RN
  4. by   saskrn
    I'm Canadian working in the U.S., and I really know where you're coming from. Perfect!
  5. by   Suzerrn
    Thank you, Adelle! This is a definate keeper, and I will be forwarding this one on!! Sounds like my place!
    Another ~Sue~