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  1. Ok, well I've been a nurse for 6 months now with my ADN. And while sitting around the other night after a horrific night on the floor I found myself talking with the other "newbies" and wondering 'WHY'?

    So, one of the other newbies stated she just signed up to finish her BSN at a school not far from my house. I talked about how that would be an ideal place for me, but I didn't want to take one more science class!!! Another newbie pointed out that if I just go ahead and get it over with, it won't be hanging over my head any longer and it would put me on the path of bigger and greater things for my carrer.

    So, the next day I went to this school and registered for classes. One, of course, being that dreaded science class (organic chemistry).

    I guess the whole point for this thread is because in my short time on the floor I realized I don't want to be a floor nurse for the duration of my career. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great area, and I am learning a ton from it, but I just don't like all the hsutle and bustle of the many things going on (ex. multiple admissions/discharges, fighting with cna's, being eaten by other nurses, etc.) I have been thinking of specializing, and I have to cross this road to get to the other side (hey, where have I heard that before?)

    So, I guess just came to get some advise from others who have done this. Anyone progressed from an ADN to a BSN (or higher degree)? What should I expect? Will it be anything like the ADN (oh the horror)? Is it a little more laid back? Any information (or support) will be helpful (and appreciated).

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