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  1. Hi, I'm 30 and I've decided to go back to school to obtain my nursing degree. I've tried this before, about 9 years ago. My children were smaller and more demanding then. I'm married, have 4 kids and work full time. I'm determined to do it this time. Anyone else out there in a close situation to mine? I would love any advise and helpful hints.
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  3. by   journeyy
    I went to nursing school at 37, graduated with an associate's at 40, worked full-time and raised three children all at the same time. It's a hard way to go, but, worth it. If I can help or support you in any way, I would be happy to. Believe in yourself. You can do this if you really want to.
  4. by   Karen_Leah
    I started nursing school when I was 30. I was getting a divorce and my father was dying of cancer. It was very stressful, but I did it and YOU CAN TOO!!!
    Good Luck!!!