Giving family patient info?

  1. When can I give information out to family members regarding a patient's condition? I am confused about this. I have seen many nurses talking to patient's family, giving information about condition, treatments, meds, etc. When is this leagally acceptable (according to HIPAA standards)? When is this okay? When the patient gives consent; only when the family member is the health care proxy? I have never seen a nurse ask the patient if it is alright to share information, so how do they KNOW it is legal to share this info? I am assuming the only ethical and legal thing to do would be to ask the patient first. I am graduating soon and these are the things about the real world I worry about! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   GeminiTwinRN
    I can only answer this as to what I've seen. I've always seen the RN give information out if the patient agrees- that is, the RN asks if it's ok to give Aunt Susie info, etc. Now, if the patient is unconscious, info is given if they are on "the list".. otherwise, we suggest that they contact the person who is on "the list".

    Over the phone is a whole other ballgame. No info is given, period, unless they have the access code and are the correct person to have the code.

    Now, general info can be given to whomever over the telephone - unless the pt. is a privacy pt. For example, "serious, stable, critical", etc etc.


  4. by   Weeping Willow
    We have a form that a patient signs upon admission. It gives us permission to discuss the patient with whoever's named on the form. Otherwise, we can't do it. OP, stand your ground. Refer to Supervisor if needed.