Get the Clinical Bottom Line with AHRQ's Treatment Options Initiative

  1. Don't you wish there was one place to go for research that compares the effectiveness, risks, and side effects of drugs, medical devices, tests, surgeries, or ways to deliver health care? Look no further than Treatment Options: Explore. Compare. Prepare. and the Clinical Bottom Line.

    Treatment Options: Explore. Compare. Prepare., is a new initiative from AHRQ that promotes Effective Health Care (EHC) Program resources that you're already familiar with--patient and clinician summaries--in a new and interesting way.

    The initiative offers new resources to help health professionals, patients, and caregivers access tools that can be used to improve patient health and health care experiences. These resources include English and Spanish Facebook pages; a video series; public service announcements and brochures; a text messaging program; and digital tools for partner organizations.

    For health care professionals, there is a companion effort called Clinical Bottom Line that provides research and CME/CE tools and resources to members of the entire health care team. These resources support all members who make treatment decisions and/or provide patient education in the primary care setting.

    The Treatment Options initiative, its Spanish language version Toma las Riendas, and its companion health care professional effort was developed with input from partner organizations across the United States, representing physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, consumer advocates, and many others who support the EHC Program's goals.

    Are you ready to get involved in our effort to improve the health and health care experiences of patients and caregivers? See how.
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