gender bias

  1. Has anyone come come across a research about the placement of male nurses in hospitals?
    On average what is the % of male nurses in a given hospital
    How many of them are working on Med Surg floor
    How many of them are placed in PCU, ICU,CVU, ER or management positions
    Does anyone see a bias? Should it be a concern?
    With more males coming in the profession (which ofcourse is a welcome change) what are the chances of female nurses progressing to these leadreship roles from Med Surg Floor.
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  3. by   mosin46
    your fears of men being placed in more management and/or more technically oriented areas are grossly overstated. i have been an RN since '71. if you would like to experience hostility, condescension, discrimination and spiteful malignant behavior i would suggest a sex change and a trip back in a time machine. yes, there are more men coming into nursing now. i work in a large teaching hospital and am seeing a larger percent of men in med/surg than in previous times. let's face it, men are,as a rule, less nurturing,more technically inclined, and more adrenalin driven than women are overall. i.e. you won't find as many men leaning towards chronic care as toward or/er/icu type work. just the nature of the beast(s). i haven't heard any male docs worrying about losing power and influence now that> 50% of med school spots are going to women. that is also a big plus IMHO. seems to be working quite well. i have seen a whole lot less gender driven problems in the last 10 years now that the playing field is somewhat leveled and men have lost their monopoly control in medicine and women in nursing.