Fund raisers

  1. I'm on our class pinning committee. We will be graduating in December and plan for the pinning ceremony on the 15th. Does anyone have any ideas for a fund raiser to benefit this momentous occasion?

    Appreciate all your ideas.
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  3. by   NurseStacey143
    Maybe yall could put on a Fall Festival. We put one on every year to help raise money. The students donate time and candy, we make booths and it gets the community involved. Flyers are sent out to the comunity and many kids always show up and pay like 50 cents for each activity. We also have an ANSA room where we stock drinks and snacks for the nursing students. We make a good amount of money off of that. ITs all on the honor system and the money goes into a box...but everyone knows what it is for, so we dont get gipped too much. We also do a typical out of a catalog fundraiser (like kids schools do)
    Good luck