FSU 2018

  1. Has anyone else applied for FSUs traditional nursing school for this fall 2018 ? I noticed there wasn't a thread yet for it so I made one so we can discuss! Does anyone know how many transfers they're accepting and how the interview is like?
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  3. by   Jaay97
    I applied here for fall 2018 too
  4. by   belfanm2
    I haven't submitted my application yet cause I'm still working on the personal statement. I'm having hard time with it
  5. by   Jaay97
    I had a hard time with it too mostly because gpa and the statement seem like the only two criteria they're going by :/
  6. by   belfanm2
    Hopefully we get call for an interview. Have you considered applying to other schools?
  7. by   Jaay97
    Yea I'm currently at FIU so I applied there. I also applied to USF and I'll be applying to UCF when their nursing application opens February 1st.
    What about you?
  8. by   belfanm2
    Yes, I applied to USF, FAMU, UF and St Thomas. But my main choice is USF. What is your GPA if you don't mind me asking
  9. by   Jaay97
    My prereq gpa is 3.78 and overall is 3.64. Not the highest but hopefully enough. FSU is my main choice
  10. by   belfanm2
    My overall is 3.65 and my prerequisite is 3.71
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  11. by   Jaay97
    let's hope we get called for an interview! and is FSU your first choice or just one of your other options?
  12. by   belfanm2
    Lol to be honest, I just want to get accepted in a school. As long as I become a nurse it doesn't matter.
  13. by   belfanm2
    I am so happy right now, I just checked my email and I got selected for an interview
  14. by   Jaay97
    Me too! Congrats!!