Frustrated at Prereqs for ADN program - page 2

ever since i was a child i wanted to be a nurse. in high school, i took the nursing assistant vocational program and loved it. it was hard work, but very rewarding. i then got married at 18 and... Read More

  1. by   shodobe
    I feel for all of you. I guess I am very lucky because taking classes and when to take them were never a problem. Lottery? Never heard of it. I took A&P, Micro and Chem the first semester! I had a 3.8GPA and did not have a problem with my nursing courses. Everyday was a challenge and sometimes a struggle but I made it through. Oh, by the way that was 27 years ago! I couldn't do what you all have to do today, very stressful and depressing I'm sure. My hat goes off to all of you that do this day in and day out. I think this system is just a way for the programs to weed out the weak. Good luck to all of you and HURRY UP WE NEED YOU!!!!!!! Mike
  2. by   Nurse2B73
    Quote from lizz
    Yeah, you really have to fight to get into pre-reqs at my school. After other people gave up, I just kept going to class until they let me in. So many people drop that persistance can pay off.

    California just passed a bond issue to build more schools. But what we really need is more instructors and pre-req sections. I wish they'd put more money into that.

    What school are the Southern California students in. I am in Southern California and I need to start my pre-reqs but I am in a CNA class right now so my days are used up. I am hoping to start pre-reqs around fall or winter this year.

    I am so ready to go to nursing school so I an dreading the pre-reqs. I am thinking of doing a ROP vocational or private school for my LVN.