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I have posted a few times on situations in the LTC facility I work. I am a CNA to attend LPN school in the fall. I chose this facility becauase they will reimburse me for my schooling. To... Read More

  1. by   cantoo
    I am the DNS of a 120 bed LTC facility. I can tell you that not all facilities are like this. I can also tell you that good, moral character has nothing to do with education levels or socio-economic levels. One of my very best CNA's spent several years in prison for writing bad checks. She never graduated from high school and can barely read and write. She smokes like a chimney, is covered in jail-house tats and is missing a couple teeth. She is one of the most loving, caring people I know. She takes excellent care of her residents and anticipates their every need. She works like a horse and her residents love her. She is very grateful for her job and has made ammends for her past. She's currently enrolled in a reading program at the local library so she can read to her grandchildren. I don't think the bad CNA's you are describing are that way because they are poor or uneducated. Please re-think that stance. They are that way because of bad moral character and their poor care and abusive behavior should not be tolerated. Period. And the behavior you have described is indeed abusive. It should be reported to the abuse hot-line immediately. Shame on your DNS for not doing so!

    Nitengale326 advises you to seek employment elsewhere. With this I would agree. But when you interview, do NOT mention the problems you have had at this particular facility. I feel like that would be a mistake on your part. You may certainly exspound on your good CNA qualities and reasons as to why you think you would make a good employee, but to go into any detail as to why you left your previous employer will only send up red flags for your interviewer. I am only speaking from my experience....and I interview potential employees on a daily basis. I'm not saying that your complaints are not valid. But I am telling you that as a DNS, I would not want to hear during the interviewing process about any problems you have had with a past employer. If at a later time you feel comfortable discussing this, then that's fine. Just don't do it during an interview. I would guess that this facility has a bad reputation and others already know about it. To simply say that you are seeking a better work environment will suffice and leave it at that. Just my opinion.

    You sound like a very caring and consciensious person. I have no doubt that you will be able to get another job without delay. There are numerous facilities that offer tuition reembersment. If all else fails, can you apply for a grant or a student loan? It's not worth your sanity, let alone your safety, to stay where you are. GET OUT NOW!!!! Good luck to you....but I doubt you are going to need it. You are a good person and a good CNA and that will carry you through to a better place.