Form a new nursing association

  1. I would like to just toss an idea out there for a moment and get your thoughts on it. What do you think if a new RN association was formed? One that concentrated on improving salaries and respect for the nursing profession. It would be completely separate from the ANA. I do not know many nurses who even belong to this organization. My thoughts are that they let this profession get so bad. Where have they been all of these years? If they were doing anything we wouldn't see a crisis in nursing with such low pay and high pt. ratios. They would have intervened a long time ago and not let it reach this point. At any rate, this posting is not meant to cut down the ANA. I just think we need better representaion once and for all. My main goals would be higher pay, more respect, and safer pt. care. Actually, some states are already working on safer pt care and I would really like to work on the other two things. What are your thoughts?
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