foreign language nurses

  1. it reall bothers me when two or more nurses start talking their language around the nurses station. I don't know why but I feel ignored when they do that. does not even matter that there is an english only policy because the nurse supervisor speaks the same language.I remember when I was a CNA I was the only english speaking and (american) staff member in the whole building. Ethnic groups would give their groups special consideration when they asked for help but I was left to rot when I asked! How would u have handled these situations? I feel really bad!

    Sincerly needs help on this topic
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  3. by   sharann
    I've been there and know how badly you feel. I actually left my 1st nursing post because of this type of behavior. What they are doing is understandable, since they share a common language and it is only natural for them to want to speak it. BUT, it is rude to do so in front of co-workers(how do we know you are talking about your family rather than about how ugly I am?). So, I think that on breaks and in private staff are free to speak in any manner or language, but in front of others and during work, one should speak the dominant or accepted national/local language. My opinion here of course, but manners are universal.