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I was wondering how many of you use computer charting (bedside nursing in a M/S unit in particular) and what your opinion of it is. What system do you use? Do you like it? If so, why? If no, why... Read More

  1. by   MollyMo
    Originally posted by HazeK
    DON'T use Meditech.....not user-friendly at all!

    DO use a nurse-friendly system your facillity can customize and adapt!
    It is worth every extra penny!

    (I use a system in L&D called QMI that is user-friendly, with forms all designed by OUR nurses and translated to the computer!)

    Oopsie!! I like Meditech. You can edit,amend or undo your notes(helpful if you document incorrect information). We have unit specific and diagnosis specific care plans. If your second assessment is unchanged from the initial one you can just recall the information rather than re-typing the same thing. If the patient is less than 30 day readmit, you can pull up the old admission assessment and update it. The system I work with in Virginia-they even charted the meds in the computer. I like computer charting.