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    Thank you for posting to my dilemma. The reason I want out of HR is because I can't find any jobs. I gradauted in 1999 and have been working temp jobs ever since. I live in CA and the job market for HR professionals is so tough. I always had a love for health care but I have been confused on which career path to choose.

    I went to a career counselor and she said I would be most happy with working with the elderly. Job security is very important to me. I mean, I have spent the last three years working in no end jobs making very little money and being unhappy. My career counselor suggests that being a geriatric case manager would be a good career but I thought you had to be a social worker or nurse to pursue this type of work. Maybe you can give me some perspective. I am drawn to nursing because you will never run out of work and there are so many avenues to pursue. Well, I am sure that I will be talking with you soon. Look forward to hearing from you.
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  3. by   OKNURSE
    If you are drawn to nursing, than you should, indeed, pursue that career. There is a multitude of career paths for you to take in the nursing field. I am a case manager (among many other titles at my hospital ie; diabetes educator, nursing administration, surgery/recovery nurse, nursing & patient education). It is a bit overwhelming at times, but that is the price you pay for working in a rural hospital. You do, in fact, have to be either a nurse or a social worker to do case management. I am not certain how or where you would just be a geratric case manager. In actuality, the largest percentage of inpatients are of geriatric age, so you may enjoy working in case management in a hospital. If you do choose to go to nursing school, you may find that other areas in nursing may interest you as well. Let me know what you decide to do. Just follow your heart and what you truly want to do and you will make the right decision.
  4. by   aspenice
    thanks for the post. To tell you the truth, I don't know which way to go. I think with my BS in HR and a BSN I would have great set up. If I go for health care admin, I wouldn't have the clinical skills. I got a full schlorship to go back for a 14 month program, BSN. Can you do case management with a BSN or do you need a master's. I can always go into nursing administration.

    I get nervous because I hear so many things about nursing. I followed this nurse once and she said nurses backstab and it is a hard environment to be in. I see myself as caring but wanting to be in a leadership position. I also like that nursing is a stable career. I mean, you will always have a job.

    If I go into admin. will the job market be good? What is your take on this?
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    Hey OK NURSE....I live in Oklahoma too...Oklahoma City...Do you live in OKC cause if you do then i have questions for you about diff schools...thanx!!