1. Hi everyone, I'm a psych RN working in NY/CT area. I've been looking to go back to school and get my NP degree, and the two that stands out to me is the FNP and Psych NP. I have 7 years experience as a psych RN and pretty comfortable with the population and its needs. The logical route would be to continue as a psych NP but my concern would be that I am limiting myself. With an FNP I have a more general and well rounded knowledge of medical issues but everyone says the market is saturated with FNPs. Would my lack of medical experience be a hurdle for me to go over as a student? What do you guys think? Any feedback? Any advice from FNPs and Psych NPs? How are you enjoying your practice?
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    I constantly hear of the high demand for psych nps. If you like the population, then I say that's the way to go. If you feel like down the road you might feel like you're missing out on something, maybe try working in primary or urgent care and see if you like it?