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A year ago I took a job at a nursing home. Three months after starting the facility was placed on stop placement by the state. Several employees were arrested for outright abuse. They progressively... Read More

  1. by   Mijourney
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Mijourney:
    [B] Thanks for getting my back spitfire. I agree, it would be great if we could all agree all the time or we could accept that someone else has a different opinion. However, in a public forum like this, I think that it is expected that there will be a convergence and divergence of views. Many nurses come on here to simply let their hair down and may or may not have an additional agenda. They may or may not regularly express bitterness, concern, disappointment, frustration and the like. When a nurse(s)comes on this bb with a slightly different perspective or approach, this person is going to be subjected to, at best, "polite" criticism. One of my priorities on this bb is not to get totally caught up in expressing only a negative attitude regarding nursing and nursing practice which seems to be very attractive to a large number of posters but to be able to point out my version of positives along with the realities of it. I'm sure it did not help that I injected the fact that I entered nursing as a calling. Again, that is a perspective that differs with the mainstream. If I wrote that I choose nursing because it was a calling, I don't think it would have been any different. I will acknowledge that after years in nursing, I don't have the level of idealism I once had. I do still support the ideas upon which nursing was founded but realize that priorites have changed over the years. In most circumstances, it's what the nurse makes out of it.
    Njdawn, I agree that cannie (sorry for the earlier mispelling) should consider leaving off the NH on the application especially if she/he did not work there for any length of time.

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    I'm very sorry mijourney,
    Didn't mean to be so blunt or brief.
    I was having a bad day.