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I had my first code the other day. I have only been a nurse for 5 months. I had been caring for this patient for 3 days and on the 3rd day I heard her continous pulse ox machine going off so I went... Read More

  1. by   RN2B2005
    Congratulations, RN Always!!

    I'm not a nurse yet, but have worked in outpatient radiology for 5 years, and we periodically have patients who code due to a reaction to contrast material. Very scary, every single's astonishing how quickly a healthy pink person can turn into a blue, unresponsive code.
  2. by   ssssup
    Way to go. This is an experience I hope you will always remember and each time you NEED to remember it when you're feeling down. With that one act YOU made a significant difference in not only one person's life, but her family and friends. Just think how many people you could affect during a 40 year nursing career. I'm so proud of you.
  3. by   JeannieM
    AWESOME JOB! You did much better than I did on my first code. I froze stiff! (Note: now I'm an ACLS instructor and have an ICU background, so you CAN recover!). You're an asset to the profession!
  4. by   JedsMom
    Good job!! The first one is something you'll probably always remember. Your patient was lucky you were her nurse and doing a great job.
  5. by   RN always
    hey everybody, just an update on this patient that coded on me. I went to see her, she was out of the ICU and in PCU. She was alert, talking to me and even had applied her makeup that morning. I was so thrilled. She got an ICD and is doing great. Life is good!
  6. by   ssssup
    Life is good.......and YOU are making it even better for your patients. Your patients are very lucky to have you.