Finding IM locations

  1. Over the years the need for me to give IM injections has been reduced, I really don't give that many, so it seems I am a bit rusty, which is why I post.
    Sometimes it is difficult to locate the greater trochanter and posterior superior iliac crest, especially on the over weight. Does any one have any tips they use to find these landmarks?, which are needd for the dorsal gluteal and ventral gluteal IM injections.
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  3. by   Adham Ahmed
    Welcome garciadiego
    You have to revise that important subject by visiting the following links :

    or you can use the technique of quadrants :
    1. For example Divide the the right buttock into 4 imaginary quadrants
    2. Focus on the outer upper squire and you can divide it into 4 imaginary quadrants.
    3. Finally inject the needle as dart using 90 degree angle
    4. Aspirate, if there is no blood this means that you are in the correct route then pouch the medication slowly then don't hesitate to remove the needle quickly and put swab of alcohol on the injection site.

    good luck
  4. by   garciadiego
    Thank you.
  5. by   Adham Ahmed
    not at all garciadiego
    hope to help more