Fibromyalgia Support Thread

  1. I am starting this thread as a response to the one that has been running for the last couple of weeks. I finally grew tired of searching through the disbelief and prejudice for the jewels of wisdom that came from people who suffer, as I do, from the condition, or who actually took the time to research the condition. Let this be a forum for information into current research, and therapies.

    For me one of the biggest problems with the fibromyalgia was the sleep disruption. I would be in pain, so I wouldn't be able to sleep well. I wouldn't sleep well, so I would wake up in even more pain..... And on and on and on.
    The best thing that I have found to combat the sleep deficit is the use of Melatonin. It is non-prescription, fast acting, and I have found that if I use it for about a week when I start having insomnia that it will actually correct my sleep cycle, if only temporarily. I am also able to wake up without a prescription hang over. I get my stage IV sleep, the pain recedes, and I am able to get to sleep easier because I am in less pain.

    What have you found that works? For me this is actually timely, because I am dealing with a painful FMS exacerbation, and school, and clinicals, and work..... You all know what it is like.

    Hopefully this will become a forum for information and support.
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