Feminism and Nursing

  1. I want some feedback on an idea I have. I think it is so strange that we are in a profession that is mostly women and that I almost never hear anyone discuss feminism in this context. I think nursing would benefit greatly from feminist principles and philosophies and when I bring it up to other nurses they generally say "yeah, me too" and that's the end of it. There is no discussion. So I am considering starting a small, low-budget, printed zine (as in go to Kinko's and make some copies) to get a discussion going on the matter. I want it to be casual, smart, fun, meaningful, and most of all from a feminist perspective - however people define that for themselves. What I don't want is whining, doctor or male-bashing, or a martyr mentality. The topics could be anything - probably for the first one, just to have people discuss what feminism and nursing mean to them. Contributions from nurses, nursing students, ARNPs, nursing instructors would be great. Men too - but feminist men, and I know they exist, and only in quantities reflective of their proportions in nursing. What do folks think? Would people read? Would people contribute?
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