fccj spring 2007 accepted nursing students - page 2

This is for all the students who have been accepted into the FCCJ nursing program for the spring of 2007. I just wanted to try and get to know some of the students before the semester started, and... Read More

  1. by   xtclass08
    hey has anyone started looking at their edical terminology booklet and the calculations stuff?
  2. by   autopsy
    sure have. from what i hear its the very easiest thing we will ever cover. seems that way too.
  3. by   xtclass08
    cool... im still waiting on my financial aid to come through.... the lady in the FA department told me I should have everything set by the middle of next week.
  4. by   xtclass08
    oooh one other thing did anybody come across students who did not pass a couple of classes when they went to get their fingerprinting done? because I came across a couple of them. I hope that is out of the norm because I would hate to think that many people fail these nursing classes. That would be discouraging
  5. by   MikeinFl
    I have not met or heard of anyone not passing but I am sure it happens. From what I understand the 1st semester weeds out a few. I guess thats why they call the 1st semester Boot Camp. I have started studying the math and reading pharmacology. I am taking medical terminology right now so I am not worried about that. Pharmacology is a killer so it is best to get started on it as soon as you can.
  6. by   MikeinFl
    Has anyone gotten anything e-mailed to their FCCJ account other than the test message? I thought we were to get some additional documentation, study guides, syllabi and the web information for the online guides from Elsevier.
  7. by   xtclass08
    i didnt even get the test message, and i thought we were suppose to get some additional information as well. I think maybe we should wait a couple of more days and see if we get anything.
  8. by   autopsy
    I also, got only a test message, nothing else from that one lady with the online resources. she said we would have it the next day, now its the next week.
  9. by   MikeinFl
    Has anyone contacted Ms.Emily to follow up?
  10. by   TrudyRN
    Quote from xtclass08
    Dang... oh well, I guess I will just have to make it work.
    Ask, Darling, ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. What could it hurt to ask? I hope you get the schedule that works for you.
  11. by   autopsy
    I havent contacted ms. Emily, but the email says not to. Is there anything else we are suppose to do between the orientation and the first day of class? i feel like i forgot something. Also does anyone know if we even need the online access code for the medical terminology book, so long as we study the chapters of the text I think I will be fine.
  12. by   Terpole
    Wow so many of you guys. I'm not at fccj but I'm from Jacksonville and attending a nursing school in Tallahassee. Good luck to all of you.
  13. by   MikeinFl
    I sent an e-mail to Ms.Emily last night so I will post her response when I get it. I did buy the online access codes just to be safe. Since a grade of 80% is required but a lower grade will stay in your record I wanted to make sure I got a high score. You should also be preparing for the medical dosage test that we take first.